Surbiton Airport Cars – Terms and Conditions

1. By using our booking service online, you are guaranteed that our drivers will be there to acknowledge you at Arrivals. Online bookings wish to be made 24 hours in advance.


2. For all pickups, the airport waiting time is free for the first 60 minutes and 25p per minute applies thereafter. There is no supplementary charge for the flight delays. If the customer misses the flight forthcoming in to one of the UK airports, the customer has to call us soon and inform us. No auxiliary charge will implement if the customer notifies us at least 3 hours before the expected landing of that flight, stating his/her reference number.


3. Driver will halt by the information counter at the landing terminal for that flight with customer name card.


4. If the passenger is not able to contact or accommodated the driver by the instruction desk at the arrivals terminal for that flight, he/she should call the team to organize the meeting.


5. Customer should not just leave the airport without letting the company know, as this will be regarded as passenger no-show.


6. For a pickup from a residential address, we confess 10 minutes free waiting time from the scheduled pickup time and after that a charge of 25p per minute of wait will apply. This means, our prices are based on a direct travel with customer being accessible to travel at the time and place as stated. If the customer does not show up within 15 minutes at the place nominate pickup point, we will there after take out our driver and no part of the expense is refundable.


7. Our drivers take no responsibility for lags arising from traffic overcrowding, traffic deviation, weather conditions, road works or any other cause beyond their control.


8. A payment of 50% on the regular indexed cost on this site will be competent on the following dates: 24, 25, 26, 31 December and 1 January.


9. Price quoted is flat rates placed point to point and any departure made by the client will obtain an added charge depending on the distance.


10. We fund the right to refuse any customer our business due to the customer having excess baggage that would deal vehicle safety on the road.


11. A baby/child is observe as a passenger and therefore, please sign to book a vehicle with appropriate seating capacity.


12. We do not report the credit card details in any form. Credit card payments are managed directly by our credit card service provider.


13. We gather information about you only for the following reasons









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